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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Centre NHFH&RI

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Centre NHFH&RI

The advancement & improvement of laparoscopic general surgical technologies motivated the development of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery ( MICS). The field of MICS is gaining momentum globally. MICS is a platform that provides less incisional trauma but equivalent corrective procedures for cardiac lesion as conventional open approach. . We are also continuously evolving towards better outcomes & less invasive-scarless approach that has radically changed our patients' surgical experience. Specially for women the surgical scar can be completely hidden in the skin fold underneath the breast.

MICS is heart surgery performed through small incision or incisions, often using specialized surgical instruments. The incision is about 3-4 inches instead of the traditional open heart surgery that requires a median sternotomy approach of 6-8 inches incision.

MICS is favoured by surgeons & patients because of reduced post operative pain/discomfort, faster healing time and recovery time, less risk of infections, bleeding or complications.

Procedures like ASD/PDA/TVRe/MVR/MVRe/AVR/LA Myxoma/MIDCAB/Endoscopic vein harvesting etc. can be done minimally.

Success of MICS is based on team work. Anesthetist, Perfusionist , Scrub Nurse are equally important.

We have started our journey & have done more than 500 cases successfully.