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Non communicable diseases have increasingly become very salient medical and public health problem in Bangladesh. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the number one cause of death, causing 277,942 deaths each year (32.8% of all deaths) in Bangladesh. One fourth (25.2%) of adult aged 25 years or more have hypertension in Bangladesh (WHO STEPS survey 2017) Approximately 50% of those affected are aware of their hypertensive condition (The Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey, 2011) 52% of the hypertensive population (self-reported) are taking hypertension medication (WHO STEPS survey 2010).Only about 14% - fewer than one in 7 people with hypertension have it under control..

National heart foundation of Bangladesh has been relentlessly working for prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases for a long time. The institute has now taken up “Strengthening of Hypertension Detection, Treatment and Follow-up at PHC system: A Pilot Project in Bangladesh”.

This project is in collaboration with DGHS Bangladesh and currently being conducted in four Upazilas of Sylhet district (upazila health complexes and community clinics in

  • Fenchuganj
  • Bishawnath
  • Bianibazar
  • Golapganj

Sociodemography of the Implementation Sites:

Upazila Total Population Male Fmale Adult(≥18 years)
BeaniBazar 2,53,370 1,22,736 1,27,716 1,36,788
Bishwanath 2,41,467 1,20,191 1,21,276 1,55,119
Golapganj 3,16,149 1,54,249 1,61,900 1,54,404
Fenchuganj 1,38,881 70,449 68,432 55,118
TOTAL 949,867 467,625 479,324 501,429

RESOLVE to Save Lives: Hypertension Control Program has high potential for increasing community level hypertension control rate and thus contribution to reduction of disability and premature deaths. Lessons learned can be applied for scaling up the program nationally.