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Thoracic aortic diseases can be managed surgically. Certain surgical procedures are practiced safely at our centre. For instances -aortic root reconstructions like Bentall's procedure. In Bentall's there is replacement of aortic valve and ascending aorta as composite. This procedure was introduced many years back and became as gold standard. Newer procedures like aortic valve sparing procedures are also introduced. We adopted David procedure at our centre. If aortic valve is essentially normal or near normal we remove all the aneurysm tissues around valve along with diseased ascending aorta. We use valsalva graft to treat aortic root pathology if valve preservation is possible. Through valve sparing root replacement we can avoid valve related complications like thromboembolism, bleeding, prosthetic valve endocarditis, life long anti coagulation therapy and for bio prosthesis reintervantion.

For arch diseases we offer arch replacement in the form of hemiarch replacement with tube graft or total arch replacement with branched graft with or without Elephant trunk. For Descending thoracic diseases we still with surgical management. Usually we use ascending to descending aorta bypass shunt with or without CPB to treat this part.

For adult coarctation of aorta with cardiac diseases we sometimes offer single stage surgery like CABG/MVR/AVR with ascending aorta to descending aorta bypass through mid sternotomy. For congenital supravalvular aortic stenosis we adopted Brom's technique.

We are trying to develope endovascular procedure which will help for adopting hybrid approach to treat more complex scenario.

Thoracic aortic surgery