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National Professor Brig. (Rtd.) Abdul Malik

Review Article
Chronic Total Occlusion: Review Article

Malik F, Kalimuddin M, Khan MAM, Badiuzzaman M, Ahmed N

Exploring all that is Grey in the Health Sciences: What is Grey Literature and How to use it for Comprehensive Knowledge Synthesis
Vaska M, Chowdhury MZI, Naidu J, Baig K, Turin TC

Original Articles
Relationship of Blood Pressure with Body Mass Index in a Rural Population of Bangladesh

Hossain MOFS, Al Mamun MA, Choudhury SR, Zahid A1, Salam MA, Zahed Z

Association of Intra-Operative Blood Glucose Concentration on Post-Operative Acute Kidney Injury after Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Gupta SD, Chowdhury DIR, Biswas PK, Samad A, Uddin M, Howlader SS, Hossain A, Gomes NC, Mehedi MM, Talukder QI, Chanda PK, Ahmed F

Effect of Magnesium Administration in the Prevention of Ventricular Arrhythmias following Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Biswas BK, Ahmad J, Saha H, Ranjan R, Adhikary AB

Six Months Outcome of Aortic Valve Replacement and its Effect on Pressure Gradient and Left Ventricular Dimensions
Shahnoor Aziz AKM, Kabir CMS, Wadud A, Khalilullah I

Case Reports
Surgical Excision of Adenocarcinoma of Lung—A Case Report

Chowdhury DIR, Gupta SD, Gomes NC, Chanda PK1, F Ahmed

Triple Valve Replacement -A Case Report
Gupta SD, Chowdhury DIR, Biswas PK, Samad A, Howlader SS, Talukder QI, Rahman ATMK