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National Professor Brig. (Rtd.) Abdul Malik

Review Article
Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis: Review Article

Malik F, Kalimuddin M, Badiuzzaman M, Ahmed N

Synthesizing Quantitative and Qualitative Studies in Systematic Reviews: The Basics of Meta-analysis and Meta-synthesis
Chowdhury MZI, Turin TC

Original Article
Short Term Outcome of Hyperglycemia in Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery in Diabetic versus Non-Diabetic Patients

Rahman M, Gafur MA, Tanvir R, Alauddin M, Sharmin T, Islam M, Hoque A, A Mamun MA, Adhikary AB

Comparison of Early Outcomes Between Del Nido Cardioplegia and St. Thomas Cardioplegia in Adult Patients who had Cardiac Surgery
Chowdhury DIR, Al-Manzo MIS, Gupta SD, Akter N, Chanda PK, Ahmed F

Standard Median Sternotomy and Interlocking Sternotomy in Cardiac Surgery: A Comparative Study
Hossain A, Gupta SD, Chowdhury DIR, Mehedi MM, Rasheed H, Ahmed F

ST-Segment Depression in Lead aVL Predicts the Right Coronary Artery as the Culprit Artery in ST-Segment Elevation Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction
Laila N, Ahmed N, Malik F, Badiuzzaman M, Ahmed MN, Dutta AK, Banik D, Huq TS, Kalimuddin M, Kanungo S, Islam AM, Chowdhury MS

Case Report
Bentall with Total Arch Replacement with Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure for Chronic Type Aortic Dissection

Gafur MA, Chanda PK, Mehedi MM, Ahmed MP, Kabir DMA, Ahmed F

Single Coronary Artery: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Badiuzzaman M, Kalimuddin M, Malik F, Ahmed N, Ahmed MN, Dutta AK, Banik D, Rahman MH, Huq TS, Kanungo S, Laila N, Chowdhury MS

Abstracts Presented in the ‘Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases 2019’ Organized by
National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh, 1-2 December 2019 at Dhaka